New puppy, New Year’s Resolutions. Maybe.

New puppy, New Year’s Resolutions. Maybe.

          Well howdy there folks. In been a while since I’ve enriched your lives with the daily happenings here at the Smallwood house. One of my new year’s resolutions for 2016 is to become better at keeping up with this blog! Who thinks I can do it?? (Don’t raise your hand, especially if you’re in Starbucks. People will think you’re weird. Trust me on that one.) I’ve already made a few changes, including the name for this blog. It took me a few months to come up with something that fits our family/lifestyle but I think I totally hit the jackpot with this one! Ok, ok, I say “I” but actually my bestie Amanda came up with that name. (Check out her blog here, THANKS AMANDA!)

            So, to update you on our shenanigans without making this RIDICULOUSLY long. I had a baby. She’s gorgeous like her sisters. And she has BLUE EYES. This is pretty epic y’all. I am half Filipino and hubby is a lot of Cherokee Indian. (Although, he has blue eyes!) After four brown-eyed babies, having one with blue eyes is pretty epic for me. I love blue eyes! Also, our dog Emma passed away of cancer. First experience with death this close to our family for the kids, and it was a sad, hard lesson for the little Smallwoods, but they are the better for it. Aaaand then we got a new puppy, Matilda. Affectionately dubbed “Tilly” by Callie. She’s adorable. Also, Aaliyah lost her first tooth! Last night! And we went on our FIRST EVER family vacation. We took the kids to LegoLand in Orlando. That was SO. FUN. for them. (Note: For THEM. Emphasis on them. Not too many rides for Mom and Dad but plenty for kiddies ages 2-12!) And lastly, Dalton turned 10. TEN. That’s double digits y’all. I know I’m gonna blink and he’ll be 18. Times flies by so fast! I think this about sums up the past few months. We are looking forward to Christmas and I am SO. FREAKING. EXCITED to see what 2016 has in store for our little (Haha, said completely tongue-in-cheek!) family! I know we will be taking quite a few trips thanks to Young Living, and I’m soooooooo excited to start this brand new chapter in our lives!


I’ll leave you guys with a little eye candy for your viewing pleasure. Look at those cheeks! Couldn’t you just eat her??? Pretty sure she’d taste like marshmallow fluff or something yummy like that! 10634120_10206412253158446_7532083483376879789_o


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