Dressing my dolls…Er.. Daughters.

Dressing my dolls…Er.. Daughters.

My sister is a year and 2 weeks older than me. Growing up, EEERRRRRBODY thought we were twins. My dad used to joke that he’d never seen two little girls who looked more alike, acted more alike, and smelled more alike more than my sister and I. And my mom used to dress us alike all. the. time. Until we were like, 14. And I just laaauuugh and laugh and laugh when I tell my friends this and they say “Why didn’t you just tell her no?” Clearly, they’ve never met my mom. And we hated dressing alike. HATED. IT. And I swore I would NEVER.


But look what I did this morning for church.

1293022_10206445167861293_6750308935722655459_oThey’re too little to care, right?? And I promise I’ll stop when they’re like, ten…


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