Back to clean eating…

Back to clean eating…

My days are full of cleaning, running errands, endless grocery shopping, wiping rear ends, soothing the teething baby, teaching Callie the alphabet, teaching Aaliyah to read, being stumped at 4th grade math, and running a business from home in between… it’s been a hectic week.. In the midst of it all, our family went back to clean eating this week. That is to say, the kids and I. My health freak, super healthy, vegan husband was never once tempted by all the holiday yumminess. His favorite remark to make when he sees me stuffing my face is “How are you gonna have the strength to RUN if there’e a zombie apocalypse??” (And I’m all like, “Well YOU better stay fit then, cause SOMEBODY’s gotta carry me!) The despair in my heart as we left Sam’s Club this month without a box of Reece’s Peanut Butter Cups was a very real thing, y’all. I could feel my eyes leaking from the stress (Just joking…maybe.) Howwwwwwww am I gonna get through the next few weeks of back-to-school and finding a routine again, without chocolate? Good this there’s an oil for that, huh?

Aaaaaaanyway, last night I was not on top of things and so dinner wasn’t on the table until 7:30, which means the boys had to go to their martial arts class without dinner. (Bad mommy, I know. Don’t worry, I gave them an apple before they left!) Dinner conversation with the 5-year-old while Daddy was picking up the boys went something like this:

Aaliyah: Mom, who can be invisible?
Me: No one.
Aaliyah: So it’s impossible for ANYBODY to be invisible?
Me: Yep.
Aaliyah: Well, Dalton said God is invisible.
Me. (😨) Well, He is. Only God can be invisible.
Aaliyah: So, are you saying God is an invisible guy in the sky???

Sad to say, my brain was too fried to have a great theological answer for her, because it was after 5PM, and I was having some major chocolate withdrawals, so I did what any good mom would do. “That’s a GREAT question for Daddy, Hun! Let’s ask him as soon as he gets home!”


All  that to say, I think you guys should prepared to hear from me pretty regularly, because in spite of the sadness I feel, having no junk food in my house, I really am looking forward to spamming y’all with food pictures!!!! YAY for clean eating! Who’s with me??


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