Attack of the Pink Eye!

Attack of the Pink Eye!

I knowwwwwwwwwww with as many kids as I have, there’s no way we escape the winter season completely unscathed, but good grief does it HAVE to be pink eye???? I  came home on Saturday night (from an AMAZING business trip to see some of my Young Living team, WOOT WOOT!) to find Dalton with one red eye. Thought it was allergies since it was pretty much gone by Sunday morning, but boyyyyyyy was I wrong! It all went downhill from there! And since OF COURSE the kids are passing it around one by one, here we are today, 5 days later and Aaliyah was the last one down. I was hoping to escape this round of germs unscathed, but ALAS! I felt my eye begin to twitch late Tuesday afternoon, and thought SURELY it was my overactive imagination. I walked past the mirror a half hour later aaaaaand yeah, one big, itchy, red eye staring back at me. I don’t think I’ve had pink eye since I was five or six! On the bright side, everyone seems to be on the upside of this and hopefully we can resume our usual schedule next week. I was (of course) using our essential oils to help sooth the irritation (Lavender EO was very soothing, diluted in coconut oil and applied carefully around the eye bone, NOT in the eye!!) but the winner of this week’s HOME REMEDY AWARD goes to breastmilk!!! Haha! But hey, it worked! And being as my boys are 10 and 7, you won’t even believe the amount of bribery it took for me to get them to let me put “Booboo milk” in their eye. (Don’t freak out y’all, it was in a bottle and I had a dropper!!) I am $10 poorer but, the boys are all better.  My 2-year-old thought it was the most HILARIOUS thing, getting breastmilk in her eye, and as I was dropping it into Isabella’s eye (who kept trying to suck on the dropper, lol) Aaliyah says with all the wisdom her 5 year old self could muster, “MOMMY!!! Isabella wants that in her MOUTH not her EYE!” (Yep folks, she’s brilliant I tell ya.) Hopefully tomorrow I can go erase the red X from the front door!. 😷lavender



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