It’s so good to be BREATHING!

It’s so good to be BREATHING!

Last week started off, stuffy, to say the least! That’s why I thank God for this guy, who has been my bestie alllllllllll week long, through thick and thin! (<<Haha, see what I did there??? Thick and thin, stuffy nose, need I say more??? You get it right??)View More:

So because I am AWESOME and I want to share the love, I’ve compiled a list of reasons you need this roller bottle of awesome in your life.

You need Breathe Again because:
-Immunity Support
-Healthy Respiratory Function -Invigorating
-Balance Inflammation

Ok I wanna tell you guys something but before I do…

Essential Oils’s are NOT medicine. Nor should they be treated as such. Medicine is used to treat a symptom or for the intention to kill at a sickness or disease from your body. Essential oil do not have the same intention! Oils are used to support your body, to help it do what it was created by a perfect God to do perfectly, to build up your systems and to keep them working in great condition! I don’t know about you, but I want to support my God-given, perfectly designed body systems and live in HEALTH, not just get rid of symptoms and live in a constant battle, right?
Now on to my original point. Did you know that over the counter medications, again, which are used to treat symptoms and not support bodily systems, are available to help with breathing clearly? Nasal sprays are one of those. But here is the problem: those are only meant to be used for 3 to 4 days at a time, since they are not long term help, or building up your body. But they do work in the moment, so many people continue to use them beyond the suggested dosage. This can cause a rebound where the nasal congestion is actually worse than before you administer the spray, and then in order to get the same amount of decongestant, you need to use more and more and more of it. So when you use them longer, that’s when you increase the risk of becoming addicted to a medication! That’s a problem, considering there are risks to over using those sprays. In addition to worsening congestion, you can get headaches and increase blood pressure since the spray is absorbed from the nasal passages right into the bloodstream!!! 😱😱😱 Again, I don’t know about you guys but I say NO THANK YOU to all of that! I’d much rather support my body, and build it up to a functioning state that is REALLY good. I want to use products that help my body both short-term and ESPECIALLY long term, both for myself and my babies! I am so very, very glad we chose to start a journey to health and wellness. If you are considering starting this journey too, now is a GREAT time to check out the Premium Starter kit from Young Living. They are on sale right now at 10% off and in the history of the company, they’ve never been this discounted! In addition to that, I am offering $25 cash back via Paypal or Young Living account credit as a THANK YOU for trusting me and letting me guide on this journey to health and wellness with essential oils! The Premium Starter kit comes with:

-Diffuser of your choice (We looooove the DewDrop, it comes for FREE in the PSK! You have the option to upgrade to other awesome diffuser for more $$, but I recommend this one if you are just starting out!)

-Eleven of the most popular essential oils

-Pack of 10 “Love it, Share it!” drams, perfect for sharing with friends and family, or throwing in your purse for on the go!

-sample packets of Lavender, Peppermint, Lemon, Thieves, and Peace & Calming, to share or keep for yourself!

-2 sample packets of the AWESOME antioxidant drink, Ningxia Red. our whole family take this daily, it’s YUMMMMMM-O!

In addition to alllll that awesomeness, you’ll receive a digital copy of our exclusive Happy Oiler handbooks (back-to-school, Valentine themed, Christmas themed, you name it, you get them all!) and they’re full of fun recipes to get you using and loving your oils! PLUS, you will also receive a packet of oil goodies from YOURS TRULY to help get you started on this oily journey! I will also make sure to support you by plugging you in to some AHHH-MAY-ZING Facebook groups where you can talk all things oily with my Tribe of essential oils users. I seriously just love everything I see these bottles of awesome doing for myself and my family, and I want YOU in on that goodness too! Follow this link if you are ready to jump in! Your time is NOW!





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