Be afraid… be very afraid…

Be afraid… be very afraid…

It has begun… my little warriors are officially enrolled in Faith Academy of Tae Kwon Do! I am so excited for them! The boys tested for and received their yellow belts, I couldn’t be prouder! Here they are on the morning of their test, looking all handsome!



Of course, they had to have their morning shot of Ningxia Red a.k.a. “Ninja Juice” to get in a super concentration of antioxidants for the big test! This is a MUST HAVE in our family’s daily wellness routine, because of #allthehealthbenefits, we love our Ningxia! Here is a cute little video that shows why we take it!

Also worth mentioning, these two Ninja Warriors broke some boards!!! As in, broke a wooden board with the heel of their hand. WHAT????? #proudmamastatus right here!!!! Also, couldn’t end without letting you guys see my little Princess Warriors in the uniforms. ❤ Aren’t they adorable??



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