Let’s Have A #realtalkwithTammy moment…

Let’s Have A #realtalkwithTammy moment…

I really wanted to sit down today and a candid homeschooling mama moment with you all. I don’t know about all you other homeschoolers out there, but for me there is a certain pressure to look, act, and just be a certain way. For my kids to be super intelligent over-achievers otherwise we will be judged for not being “good enough” homeschoolers. Crazy right??? (Don’t roll your eyes at me! You know you fee the pressure too!)

There are some children that are easy to teach. Dalton, my oldest, is one of those. He soaks up literally everything and I only have to point him in the right direction and he takes off. He has an innate love for learning and will ditch a video game to read a good book any day. He was reading and writing by age 4 and has been practically self taught since K5.


Isaiah, my second born, is his polar opposite. There is nothing he’d rather do than sleep in late, play outside in the dirt all morning, come inside, eat, play legos all afternoon, eat some more, play some more, go to bed, repeat. Many days I questioned if I was enough for him or if we needed to find him a tutor that could work with his needs. It’s not something I like to discuss much because I’m ashamed to say, I don’t like to admit when I feel lacking. But this is what I woke up to the other morning morning…


Isaiah curled up in the recliner, at 7:30am, reading a book. This makes me so happy I could cry. Homeschooling this kid has been a hard journey, and there have been times I’ve wanted to pull my hair out at the snails pace he loves to take. There have been many days I’ve gotten so frustrated, I’ve had to call off school for him for the day so I could read my Bible, regroup, and try again tomorrow. But I am so thankful that I decided not to push and to instead try to develop a desire to learn, and moments like this remind me why it’s so worth it!!!! I am not organized. Most days I start off not sure what we’ll even learn about because I’m a terrible planner and I like to fly by the seat of my pants. I’m thankful that the Lord blesses my efforts and produces something amazing from the chaos that is our homeschooling day! Special thanks goes to my hubby who has to constantly remind me that Isaiah learns best through inspiration and not pressure. 😜😜😜


One thought on “Let’s Have A #realtalkwithTammy moment…

  1. Yay for the small (that feel huge) victories! I’m often reminded that my kids are totally different people, and they may learn in totally different ways. Thank you for sharing your moment of encouragement 🙂


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