My Handsome Ninja Warriors

My Handsome Ninja Warriors

This past weekend, these two handsome studs smashed some big big goals, and I am so stinking proud of them! One of the things on their bucket list for 2017 was to compete in a Martial Arts Tournament and they totally KILLED IT! Dalton took 3rd place for sparring and 3rd place for form in the Preteen Intermediate Division and Isaiah took 3rd place for sparring in the Junior Beginner Division. On the morning of,  I was a bundle of nerves so by the time we got to the tournament location we were hyped on oils and prayed up to the max!!!! Some of the things we used:
-Lemon EO
-Lavender EO
-Peppermint EO
Combined for respiratory support for Dalton who’s pretty allergic to the lovely yellow powder that floats around this time of year. This combo helps his body combat that!  
-Ningxia Red because antioxidants ROCK and also for natural energy!
-Valor EO blend for focus and because it’s basically bottled courage! 😂
-Stress Away EO blend because I was having a nervous breakdown LOL!

Way to smash those big goals, boys!!! Mama and Daddy are so proud of you!!!



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