So I did a thing…

So I did a thing…

So I did a thing. I started a youtube channel. I’ve actually had one for a while but never uploaded on it. I keep thinking I need to wait until I have the perfect graphics on it, the perfect filming set-up, and better camera… but last week I decided waiting for a plan of action if for the birds (sorry to all my organization-loving friends! 😂) and so filmed on my Iphone and put my first video up 3 days ago. I have went to share about it here and deleted the blog post before I could publish it like 10 times because sometimes fear of what people will think is paralyzing. So here’s to kicking that fear in the face! I already have one follower and I know it’s my sister because I told her to go follow me 😂😂😂 so….. link is here if you want to follow the craziness too! My first video is a Dollar Tree homeschooling haul. I want to start vlogging on the channel too so maybe the next one will be that. What would you guys like to see on my Youtube channel? I’m down for any input you might have! 


Hope y’all are having an amazing weekend!






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