My love letter to Cedarwood

My love letter to Cedarwood

Dear Cedarwood,

I like you. I REALLY REALLY like you. Like, you might even say that I think I am in love with you. Your subtle woodsy smell. Your ability to lift the stresses from the day away so that I can sleep well is like no other. In fact, I simply can’t, and won’t, sleep without you. I love what you do to my hair & skin. Like a true bestie, you make everything better.  I’m so glad you are being included this month, for free, when people start their oily journeys with me.

Thank you for being you.



My venture into DIY laundry detergent…

My venture into DIY laundry detergent…

  • You guys. It finally happened. My beloved Young Living Thieves laundry detergent ran out. Gone. Zilch. Nada. And I have a confession. It ran out 4 months ago. And I caved and went and bought Arm and Hammer detergent and…and…and… my cloth diapers HATE it. So I switched to Tide. And they STILL hated it. Also, my son started breaking out in hives. AGAIN! (YAY for super sensitive skin, NOT!) Anyway, lesson learned, I finally added another bottle of my trusty Thieves laundry detergent to my monthly Young Living subscription box, which, if you haven’t checked out yet, YOU SHOULD! (side note: Anyone else have an addiction to subby boxes?? No?? Just me?? Alrighty then!) In the mean time, I needed a “clean” detergent option so I decided to wade into the intimidating world of DIY laundry detergent, and let me just say, #mindblown!!! I can honestly say, SUCCESS! First of all, let’s talk about how Lavender and Tangerine essential oil is a match made in heaven and my clothes seriously smell the yummiest, EVER. So easy to make, I couldn’t believe it! So far I have been using this for 3 weeks now, and I’ve washed everything from stinky, dirty cloth diapers, AND a load of nasty, wet clothes from 3 days ago when the kids played out in the rain that I totally forgot to throw it in the washer. I am extremely pleased with the results, and that’s a lot coming from this cloth-diapering mama of 5! This recipe is seriously, SUPER DUPER EASY (I found it on Pinterest, and followed the link to this blog) and took 5 minutes to mix up, and it’s borax free!!   The recipe is as follows:
  • 1/4 C. Super washing soda
  • 1/4 C. Baking soda
  • 6 Tbsp. Liquid Castille soap (I used Dr. Bronner’s Baby Mild Unscented from Amazon)
  • 20 drops of essential oil of choice

    13950999_10208104101453596_374356996_oFor this recipe I used Lavender and Tangerine because I loved the smell! Our family only uses Young Living essential oils exclusively because they are the only company with a seed to seal guarantee so I have peace of mind about no chemical additives. (If you’re curious about how to snag Young Living oils, click here!) So, grab your gallon sized container (I used a glass pitcher at first, but then dumped the remainder or my Arm and Hammer stuff and poured my mix in there) and a long spoon to mix with. Pour in your super washing soda and cover it with hot tap water, mix until it is dissolved. Once it is dissolved, add in your other ingredients except for your essential oils, then fill up your jug with hot tap water and stir it up. Lastly, add in your drops of EO, close your bottle and give it a shake and BAM! You are good to go! I have an HE front loader and use about half a capful (about 1/3 of a cup) for each regular load. Make sure to give a shake before you pour as some of the ingredients will settle to the bottom. Now enjoy your homemade detergent and peace of mind! Leave me some feedback below and let me know how you liked it, and if it worked for you as well as it did for me.




Let’s get our learn on!!!

Let’s get our learn on!!!


Guys, I’m about to geek out on you. Before you roll your eyes and click out because you’re thinking “This is one CRAAAAZZZZZYYYY Asian chick!”,  listen to this!


– Every cell in your body, every single living thing, has a vibrationalfrequency. When we consume things that have frequency (such as plants which are living things), we can increase our body’s frequency which will increase our health.

– Healthy human body frequency: 62+ MHz

– Illness starts at 57-60 MHz

– Our bodies are receptive to cancer at 42 MHz

– Death begins at 25 MHz

– Essentail oils have frequencies as well, which can raise our bodies’frequency. They range from 52-320 MHz

– One of the most important modalities of essential oils is their ability to raise our body’s frequency to a level where disease cannot exist

– Processed food: 0 MHz, meaning it does nothing positive for your health

– Raw, real food (things that are alive) are the only foods that will raise your frequency! (Juicing/smoothies are where it’s at, y’all! We loooove our raw breakfast smoothies in this house!)

– The essential oils with high frequencies are Rose (320 MHz), helichrysum (181 MHz), and frankincense (147 MHz)

– Coffee: Even holding a cup of coffee can lower your body frequency by 8 MHz (yikes!) Taking a sip lowers it by 14 MHz. BUT! Listen to this: When essential oils are inhaled following exposure to coffee, the bodily frequencies restore themselves in less than a minute. But if no oils are administered, it can take up to 3 days for the body to recover from even one drink of coffee. How crazy is that?

Now for some MIND BLOWING stuff.


– Negative thoughts decrease our frequency by up to 12 MHz

– A positive thought can increase our frequency by 10 MHz

– Prayer/meditation increase our frequency by 15 MHz

How incredible is this?!

How incredible is the God we serve and His plans for us to care for the bodies that He gave us? When we treat our bodies well and surround them with things that are raw, vibrant, and alive, we too are raw, vibrant, and alive! I don’t know about you but this stuff makes me come alive. y’all! When our family first grabbed our Premium Starter Kit and jumped into oils (you can read that story here), we literally had NO IDEA the awesomeness we were getting in to!! Every day I learn something new about these little bottles of awesome, and every day I love them just a little bit more! $160 to get started on the road to TAKING BACK OUR HEALTH. I would not trade it for the WORLD and I can’t keep my mouth shut, I want to shout it from the rooftops!!!


If you are ready to jump in and get started using essential oils, NOW IS THE TIME! You can find all you need to know here. The Premium Starter Kit is the way to go and better yet, it is 10%  off until the end of February! Once you’ve grabbed your kit, PLEASE connect with me! I want to help you get plugged into our community of AMAZING people that will be here to walk with you on this journey to better health and wellness!

Also, If you don’t have a reference book for essential oils, GET. ONE. NOW. Highly recommend the Desk Reference from Life Science Publishing, it’s my absolute FAVE! It’s where I got this info (well, that book and the book, The Chemistry of Essential Oils) I’ll leave y’all with this for now.




Be afraid… be very afraid…

Be afraid… be very afraid…

It has begun… my little warriors are officially enrolled in Faith Academy of Tae Kwon Do! I am so excited for them! The boys tested for and received their yellow belts, I couldn’t be prouder! Here they are on the morning of their test, looking all handsome!



Of course, they had to have their morning shot of Ningxia Red a.k.a. “Ninja Juice” to get in a super concentration of antioxidants for the big test! This is a MUST HAVE in our family’s daily wellness routine, because of #allthehealthbenefits, we love our Ningxia! Here is a cute little video that shows why we take it!

Also worth mentioning, these two Ninja Warriors broke some boards!!! As in, broke a wooden board with the heel of their hand. WHAT????? #proudmamastatus right here!!!! Also, couldn’t end without letting you guys see my little Princess Warriors in the uniforms. ❤ Aren’t they adorable??